dc by storm

last thursday 29 9th graders, 5 adults and i all made our way to our nation’s capitol via the overnight train. a little “urban adventure” of sorts. all 35 of us crammed into a youth hostel, toured the holocaust museum (after hearing a survivor describe his experiences the night before), rode a bus to the national cathedral (that was an experience… you try cramming 35 peeps onto a city bus during rush hour on a friday!), and then ate at the very chic “marrakesh” moroccan restaurant… complete with belly dancing… which the kids joined in on. of course.
the following day, we split up into 4 groups and sent the kids on a scavenger hunt… where they had to find various points of interest using only a map and public transportation. the boys started off “surfing” in the metro, thinking it was fun to be thrown around… but later were too cool for such childish games. i gotta say, i was impressed. the kids mastered the maps and metro, they walked for miles, the saw tons… they even protested in front of the white house. (that’s one of my kids behind the bush mask). all in all, it was an extremely exhausting but very awesome 48hr trip!

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