car shopping

really, i ought to say virtual car shopping… as i’ve yet to test drive a single vehicle… but in my imagination, i’ve narrowed down my options to the perfect car. the 2007 nissan versa hatchback sl… with a sunroof. i’ve only found ONE with a sunroof so far, and it’s in dulles, which makes me think i should fly up to dc and visit lots of friends on the drive back south. sounds like a week of fun, right? and i’d need that week to learn how to drive stick, as the ONE versa sl with sunroof happens to be a manual. no worries. i actually think i’d be a great manual driver, given 2 or 3 days of roadtripping and couch surfing. sadly, i don’t have time for such ventures… not for another 2 weeks, at least… and by then my currently “perfect” car will likely be sold… eventually replaced by another potentially “perfect” set of wheels. i mean, i’ll be driving this car for the next 10 years, so it’s got to be just right. for now, though, the bus and bike are still fun. liberating, even. still, the possibility of purchasing a car in the near future looms large.


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