religious attachments

i’m reading the Bible right now… like straight through. it’s not a quick read, but it sure is interesting.

leviticus calls up some interesting images and philosophies.

first, all the sacrifices, especially the ones where they throw blood onto the altar, really remind me of voodoo practices in benin. they are so similar–it’s like deja vu.

which leads me back to the always interesting question of religion’s role in civil society. montesquieu would say something about how religious actions lead to religious attachments. the more you do to keep up religious traditions and trappings, the more you are bound to them and by them. and somehow that translates into order, reason and judgment… helpful components of society. if you’re attached to something, you belong to it. if you belong to it, you belong to the community espousing it as well. belonging fights chaos. meaning even “false” religions have their place in creating and preserving civility.

so interesting.

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