i recently received two emails regarding the current dearth of blogging.

the first said, “things must be going well with the boy… no recent blogging. your fans miss you.”

mmm… you could say that… but, fans?

the second said, “i’m just hoping everything is okay with you. you haven’t been blogging since you got back from your trip after christmas, and i just was ‘motherly’ worried.”

no need to worry. all is well.

anyway, the truth is, i’ve been slow on the blog circuit for a while now… boy or no boy. but i’ll see what i can muster up, given the encouraging nudges here and there.

so here’s a little piece of news. i went skiing with 94 middle school kids and 11 other chaperons last weekend. it was amazing. well, not the skiing… the skiing was typical eastern slush… but the kids were amazing. not one got hurt. not even their feelings got hurt! 94 pubescent kids living in harmony. amazing. ok, one kid did break his arm. but he didn’t find out till he returned, so i’m not sure that counts.

From 2008-09 Winter

pictured are me, sloan, jane and liza… with our carolina blue bandannas and matching carolina blue eyes.

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