neeps and tatties

i wasn’t really sure what to do with turnips until my upstairs neighbor william told me about a scottish dish called “neeps and tatties”… huh?

i looked it up and the simplest recipe i found was actually on an english blog–sure the scots would just love that.  they even reversed the name to tatties and neeps!  so here’s what we did:

take a turnip and some potatoes (we just used what was in our CSA bag o’ produce), chop them into small chunks, add them to water, bring water to a boil and let boil for 15 minutes.  the recipe said to peal the potatoes, but we like our tatties with the skins on. drain the potatoes and turnip well, mash ’em up with a bit ‘o butter.  the recipe called for fresh chives, but jay couldn’t find any, so we used dried chives and marjoram.  fresh stuff next time!

our neeps and tatties were delicious along side some bbq chicken and yellow beans.  the chicken was prepared with bbq sauce from mac’s in charlotte (YUM!) and it turns out jay doesn’t like dark meat… so more for me!!  the yellow beans were also in our CSA bag ‘o produce.  we just blanched them and added some lemon juice.  all that and a glass of wine made for a pretty balanced meal.

and we get to say we made neeps and tatties.

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