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it’s not what you think, but it is funny

my recent facebook status states that i’m bored out of my gourd. a true statement, but somewhat silly, given all that i could be doing. running, swimming, biking, paying taxes, baking a cake… but it’s a long weekend… i don’t want to take care of the mundane. i want adventure! why didn’t i make plans to leave town? go camping? *sigh*

so, as my girlfriend crissy suggested, i’ll update my blog.

in my previous post about bubba buffalo, “s” notes in her comment that i seem occupied since new years… she seems to suggest i’m preoccupied with, i dunno, a boy.

no, dear readers, it just ain’t so. as much as i’d love to report that i’m in the throws of love in all its radiance… that i’m all aglow with a spring in my step and a song in my heart… nnnno. the only body that keeps me warm at night is my teddy bear and my new dog pepper (who i’ll write about later… she is my best source of unconditional love and wet kisses, for sure).

that said, i have entered the dating scene. it seems impossible not to when many of your friends are married. rule of thumb: couples like other couples. and if you’re not a couple, and you’re friends with other couples, you can bet they’ll try to make you a couple real quick. not that i mind… i am definitely not complaining.

so here’s a set up story i’ll share, because it is so entertaining, and because i know the implicated parties would not object. at least i don’t think they would.

two married friends, andrĂ© and julia, asked if they could set me up with guillermo weeks ago. at first i objected (as did he, i’m told), but finally did succumb to their excited suggestions. guillermo and i had never met, though i facebook stalked him thoroughly, since he had no security on his profile page. a given.

the four of us met for dinner. super great time… easy conversation… lots of laughing… and then i said something about my dad being an interior designer.

“and yes,” i added, “he’s gay.”

“no way!” exclaimed guillermo, “my dad is too!”

“i’m not being funny!” i retorted, “my dad really IS gay!”

“no, it IS funny,” guillermo insisted, “because my dad really IS gay too… AND he’s a gynecologist!”

well that did it. i finally met a man who could one up me. we may have to start a club.

happy crissy? đŸ™‚

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sometimes i think my life is more dramatic than the average joe (or jane), to the point where i often ask myself if perhaps i’m creating my own drama. but usually it’s out of my control. i’ll take responsibility for some, but not all. this weekend was highly dramatic, and not on account of my own doing.

so i went on a blind-ish date friday night. my good friend (and her MOM) set it up, so i felt pretty safe… though this was the first blind-ish date i’d ever been on. now, before you go jumping to conclusions, let me just go ahead and say that the drama is neither a product of the guy. in fact, the guy is pretty darn cool. and let me also say that i’m safe, so no worries there. here’s how it went down…

blind-date-bob and i were hanging out sunday night in his neighborhood, not far from my neighborhood. we’d been listening to live irish tunes and enjoying the local color. totally chill, totally normal evening. it was late, so bob walked me to my car. i then drove him back to his house, with the top down (convertible) because the weather was perfect. we were sitting in my car in front of his house when some random dude walked up and looked at us both. bob acknowledged his presence and then we looked at each other like, ‘what’s that guy’s deal?’ the guy then walked to the back of my car, called someone on his cell, described my car (including my plates!) and hung up the phone. strange, yes. THEN the guy walked to the passenger side of the car, reached over the window (remember, the top is down) and starts punching bob in the face!!! WHAT?! i started screaming and was too stunned to do anything for about 5 seconds, then realized my car was in drive, pressed the accelerator and drove off. my-heart-was-racing. bob was fine… the guy really didn’t have a good angle trying to punch from over the car. still, i was scared. (am scared). we circled the block, i dropped bob off, got home safely, etc.

in hindsight, clearly i should have called the cops. no worries, i’m reporting it tonight when i get home. another lesson learned, don’t drive around b’more with the top down at night. i think i’ll feel better after talking to the po-po, but in the mean time i am quite shaken.


slings are cool

erin took this pic for me today. it’s like glamor shots for the wounded.


cheerleading & churches

first off, i hope you can appreciate the time it will take me to write this post considering i only have the use of one hand. last night the cupcakes played their final (losing) game of the season against a very legit opponent. after the game i was walking home with a fellow team member (who actually broke up with me recently, and i only mention that to give you a sense of how awkward the situation really was) and we stopped to look at a church that’s for sale. no, that’s not random… there are good reasons for buying churches. for instance, to start one. anyway, we could only see through the basement windows into the kitchen and i wanted to know what the sanctuary looked like. having been a cheerleader for all of one year in high school (go cats!) i got the bright idea to lift said friend as if doing a stunt. (i did not at this point tell him that this particular stunt usually uses 3 people… details.) he wasn’t really committed to it and kept falling back from laughter. so we switched positions and he tried to lift me. i actually did get to the window ledge before crashing down onto a stump with my forearm. oops. ow. OW. shoot. we went home, put it on ice, and decided some x-rays might be necessary. my roommate’s beau who breaks stuff all the time seemed to think this would be a fun adventure for me and my friend, at which point i reminded him of the aforementioned break up and that spending time together wasn’t such a walk in the park at this point. so my friend, who was legitimately caring and concerned, took me to the dr. lots of quality time. and i don’t want you to think i was miserable. this is someone i’ve been friends with for years, and i was scared and thus glad to have him there. but still. he also hurt me. the x-rays showed no breaks, and my very goofy dr (i had to look down to keep from laughing at him) tells me i’m just extremely “contused and abbrased.” who talks like that? i’m just supposed to rest it and ice it the next few days, and i have a nifty sling. i have been writing for 45 minutes now. ridiculous. but the lady that x-rayed me said she had never heard such a story, so i thought i should share it with you too.


rules of engagement

i was somewhat surprised to read in the latest wlu ’03 newsletter how many people are engaged or married. not that there’s anything wrong with settling down, but this is not a group of students that go to college to find a mate. this is a group of students that prioritize success and career and learning over a “mrs” degree. i don’t know how they have time to date, much less fall in love and get married!

my first reaction to the newsletter was panic. did i miss the boat? am i going about life the wrong way? was it a mistake to take a year sabbatical from dating? to live the double life of a full time professional and full time student?

but then i went to this event last night with some girl friends. we were volunteers. and since i was working at the registration table, i met just about everyone that walked through the door. now this was a wine and dine silent auction chill but swanky gathering. after interacting with a few folks, i was reminded of why i’ve chosen to be single thus far.

i decided to make a list of do’s and don’ts. some may be specific to me, but my guess is most of these are universal. read and learn. (though if you’re my friend then you probably don’t need to learn this in the first place… and if you’re not my friend, why are you reading my blog?)

don’t ask me out if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, etc. not that i have anything against people of this era… my mom is in her 40’s and my dad in his 50’s. both great people.

don’t try to impress me with your boat. i work in annapolis. i have lots of friends with boats. writing, “for a good sail call…” on a slip of paper is not cool.

do make friends with my friends. that spice girls song is my mantra.

do be prepared for lots of church. don’t think i’m saying that to be cute.

don’t ask for my number. huh uh. no.

do practice what some would call southern hospitality, though i think it’s really common courtesy.

don’t be high maintenance.

do know your baseball.

do be courageous.

don’t make fun of mexicans or gay people.

do be loyal to your family and friends. cheaters need not apply.

do realize that if i make you feel special, it’s because you are special. don’t think that means i want to date you.

ahhh, yes. as i read through these i’m convinced it’ll be a while before i do that whole dating thing. so congratulations my dear (soon to be or already) married classmates. i wish you all the joy and love in the world. one day maybe i’ll stumble upon a relationship that’s as blessed and special as what you’ve found. i’ll leave that to God. in the mean time, i feel blessed and special just the way i am.