cheerleading & churches

first off, i hope you can appreciate the time it will take me to write this post considering i only have the use of one hand. last night the cupcakes played their final (losing) game of the season against a very legit opponent. after the game i was walking home with a fellow team member (who actually broke up with me recently, and i only mention that to give you a sense of how awkward the situation really was) and we stopped to look at a church that’s for sale. no, that’s not random… there are good reasons for buying churches. for instance, to start one. anyway, we could only see through the basement windows into the kitchen and i wanted to know what the sanctuary looked like. having been a cheerleader for all of one year in high school (go cats!) i got the bright idea to lift said friend as if doing a stunt. (i did not at this point tell him that this particular stunt usually uses 3 people… details.) he wasn’t really committed to it and kept falling back from laughter. so we switched positions and he tried to lift me. i actually did get to the window ledge before crashing down onto a stump with my forearm. oops. ow. OW. shoot. we went home, put it on ice, and decided some x-rays might be necessary. my roommate’s beau who breaks stuff all the time seemed to think this would be a fun adventure for me and my friend, at which point i reminded him of the aforementioned break up and that spending time together wasn’t such a walk in the park at this point. so my friend, who was legitimately caring and concerned, took me to the dr. lots of quality time. and i don’t want you to think i was miserable. this is someone i’ve been friends with for years, and i was scared and thus glad to have him there. but still. he also hurt me. the x-rays showed no breaks, and my very goofy dr (i had to look down to keep from laughing at him) tells me i’m just extremely “contused and abbrased.” who talks like that? i’m just supposed to rest it and ice it the next few days, and i have a nifty sling. i have been writing for 45 minutes now. ridiculous. but the lady that x-rayed me said she had never heard such a story, so i thought i should share it with you too.


3 thoughts on “cheerleading & churches

  1. Anonymous says:

    I pity the fool that decided to break up with you!

  2. lauren says:

    that first comment is definitely my mom. “yeah keyaatz! number wun!” but i didn’t know Mr. T was tracking my blog too!

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