i think it’s been well established that baseball is one of the better aspects of spring. though i’ll openly admit my amateur status, having only been a fan for 3 years, i’m pretty sure i take the game more seriously than many more seasoned folks. one of the fun things about the game is the field. walking out into the open and seeing the grass stretch out under the lights… it’s borderline romantic. i’m partial to camden yards, of course, but visiting pnc park in pittsburg was a real treat this weekend. the field, the river, the skyline in the setting sun… really, they planned this park well. this was my first pirates game (vs the cubs), but i played the part of a pirates fan well. armed with my jason bay bobble head (yes! he’s now in my office next to the less illustrious sammy sosa), and seated with my more dedicated pirates fan friends (nice eye patch, erin… arrrr), i think i fit in pretty well. as if that wasn’t enough, erin and i took turns posing with pirate the parrot. actually, i posed… erin danced. that parrot can get a little freaky! watch out, kids. go bucs!

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