back in class

yesterday i had the JOY of visiting woodlawn high school where i used to teach and coach. my office has been working with GM to bring hydrogen fuel cell technology into the classrooms, demonstrating its use in transportation. students got to look under the hood, talk to technicians, and ride in a very cool million dollar vehicle. it was really neat to see the kids so interested in alternative fuels (they asked great questions!) and to see the GM folks so excited about the students.

it was a very affirming day for me as well. i ran into several former students and every one of them remembered me and how much fun MY class was. i think about my students all the time (i have pictures of them in my office), but sometimes i wonder if i had a lasting impression on any of them or if they would remember anything i taught them. here’s the update…

deatrus, a very smart kid that i absolutely loved even though he was constantly getting in trouble, is now on honor roll and tells me i’m still his favorite teacher. (already, i’m glowing…)

leah, a quiet but brilliant young lady, tells me she is in spanish 3 (she’s only required to take two years) and making great grades. she’s not the timid freshman she used to be.

jess, who had never set foot on a lacrosse field when i first met her and really struggled just to cradle the ball, is now one of the team captains.

WOW. not that i’m responsible for the successes these students are achieving… they are doing all the work. but even just to be a part of it makes me feel like a star.

plus, i got to have lunch with one of my favorite teachers, hope. over 30 teachers left in 2004 with me and another 64 left last year… but hope remains. she’s awesome.

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