mud and muck

every once in a while, i get out from behind my computer and get to do field work. yesterday my “chief” (who also happens to be “the hammer” noted in previous blogs) and jasmen and i took a field trip to the blackwater national wildlife refuge on the eastern shore. we learned about wetland loss and degradation (blackwater nwr has lost nearly 7,000 acres of wetlands since 1933), proliferation of invasive species, and the fragmentation of fish and wildlife habitats. our office is helping to fund some marsh restoration in part because it will aid with carbon sequestration in the area.

so yesterday we stomped around marsh lands, used gps to map and mark specific points for data collection, and analyzed soil samples. we got to wear great big boots and try not to sink too deep into the mud. it makes really excellent noises.

we saw lots of wildlife too, including a family of bald eagles… personally, i feel a sense of patriotism when i see a bald eagle take flight. apparently others (ehem, my non-southern co-workers) don’t get that same feeling. oh well.

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