mighty fine memorial weekend

it’s hard to know what pics to post from this weekend (hence the delay). it’s one of those “inside joke” kinda times. but i’m just going to post my favorites since this blog is really about what makes me laugh anyway… haha…general li’s namesake… love for the oc and everyone’s favorite family…the view from dinner on the porch… no, really…. *sigh* legs flying in goshen…brian pre-splash…dad showing how to use a blow torch for creme brulee. yummy. most of the weekend was spent napping, reading, eating, napping, reading, eating, and of course laughing. a big thanks to mike, erin and brian for coming to lex and making the weekend so fun and special. a HUGE thanks to my dad for a beautiful home and delicious food and the best company!! y’all are the poo and a blessing too.

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