biodiesel is the poo

take a big whiff. (thanks, callie). maryland finally has its very own biodiesel production plant. YAY! seriously, biodiesel is my favorite fuel (and yes, there are many to choose from… you just don’t hear about them too often). put simply, biodiesel is a domestically produced renewable fuel that can be used in any diesel engine with no modifications. it burns cleaner than petroleum diesel, increases energy independence from foreign sources of oil and benefits farmers whose crops are used as feedstock for the fuel. i’ve had the opportunity to work pretty closely with the family running this gig, and i’m so excited the project is finally off the ground. if you’re lucky, soon all those buses and trucks emitting black clouds of gross smelling soot will instead smell like french fries or popcorn. mmmmm. just look at that clean soybean oil glistening in the sun.

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