pups in pubs

thirsty dog is a great pub for a number of reasons… yummy pizza, delicious salads, special brewskies, and the sheer brilliance of serving all drinks in two’s. even water. double fisting is not optional. pictured are stephen (not my brother), alicia, jill, allison, mike and adam. note alicia’s cute puppy. yes, this is a dog friendly bar… one more thing to love about this local watering hole. however, last night two ladies had two terriers that would not stop yapping at any and every pup or person that walked past. my ears are still ringing. and of course, the ladies were convinced that everyone else was the problem. *sigh* some dog owners are impossible. if your dog is friendly, cuddly and quiet… i’m happy to share bar space. leave the yippies at home though, please.

One thought on “pups in pubs

  1. e1st says:

    I fantasized about punting that dog across the room.

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