yeah cupcakes

the magnolia cupcakes were a force to be reckoned with last night. we weren’t sure what to expect at the beach volleyball play-offs after a season of ups and downs. i’m not sure the organizers had a clue what they were doing either. we played like crap our first game against a team we already had some history with (ie: full contact volleyball). but the cupcakes rallied to dominate the next 3 teams, putting us in the finals for next week. eric gets the mvp award. we celebrated like any magnolia cupcake would, with a trip to mcdonalds.

2 thoughts on “yeah cupcakes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pass the Chronic…WHAT….cles of Narnia! Give me the Chronic….what…..cles of Narnia!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is Adam logging in from the road????

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