in training, ha!

so i’ve joined’s team for race for the cure. if you’re not familiar with chicksspeak, you should definitely check it out. my bold roomie christina founded this amazing website for college women and i’m super proud of her. and chicksspeak has started a team for race for the cure in baltimore, which will be held october 21. it’s a 5k event. nothing major, right? right. unless your personal trainer has sworn you off running after asking, “do you want to have any cartilage at age 40?” um, yes. so no running… but this is for a good cause! an exception must be made. of course, i can’t expect to be able to run a 5k right off the bat… so i decided to run 2 miles today and give it a shot. not bad. the view was definitely worth it. running along the harbor at 6:30am when no one else is out but other (far superior) runners is like a little slice of heaven to start your day. the nasty harbor water looks so pretty at sunrise. anyway, i made it. i survived. though i really wish they had water stops. being thirsty while standing next to a large body of water is not easy. i think i’ll only risk my poor little knees once a week till the race. that should be sufficient. if you want to support me and make a donation, click on the post title and it *should* take you to my site. muchas gracias.

2 thoughts on “in training, ha!

  1. Mollie says:

    Laur, are you not actually aware that you can WALK the Race for the Cure? Just because it has race in the title, does not mean you’re required to risk your only cartilage. If you do, however, decide to train, talk to Eric Furst about putting together a regiment, also aks that he include the “Super Saturated Gatorade” option.

  2. lauren says:

    nobody my age with any sense of pride walks a 5k! i don’t know if i could survive a regiment by furst, but i’ll talk to the running monster anyway. thanks for the tip.

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