isaiah 62:5 says, “as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so your God rejoices over you.” i’ve yet to be a bride so i can only imagine what it’s like to be rejoiced over by a bridegroom. i do think it’s something we all long for, though. who doesn’t want to be celebrated, desired, chosen, rejoiced over? and one day perhaps i’ll know this in an earthly relationship. but even that could not compare to being rejoiced over by God. people fail us. we fail each other. it’s part of learning, living and loving. but God never fails. His love is sure and constant and never mistaken. His heart for us never changes. in monty python’s words, “and there was much rejoicing… *yay*…”

One thought on “rejoice

  1. lauren says:

    after chatting with a friend about this, i feel inclined to point out that i don’t mean for “fail” to sound too harsh. i mean it in the sense that we all make mistakes. not that we’re all failures.

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