sunday sailing

bob and anna (pictured) and i went sailing sunday. it was the best day of sailing i’ve ever had.

a) the company was great. bob has a knack for teaching me things without me realizing that i’m learning. anna has a way of saying things that makes me just want to sit and listen.

b) the weather was perfect. the sun was shining, the skies were clear, the breeze was good. considering it’s october, i was relieved we didn’t have to wear gloves and ear muffs. though i DID jump in the water… and jump back out about as quickly. COLD!

c) this was the first time i really got to sail (other times have been marked by a lack of wind). it was fun, but also a little scary. at one point i was absolutely sure we were about to tip over. bob and anna both smiled at me calmly as i looked at them with my mouth gaping open, thinking ‘holy ****!” it was awesome.

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