i met a lady who was in benin this summer and she gave me a cd full of pictures. this is one of my favorites. this car is totally loaded with live goats. goats are tied up and piled into the back of the car and tied to the top of the car as well. my guess is this makes for a very loud and stinky drive to the market (or wherever). i will not tie live goats to my moped.


2 thoughts on “goats

  1. kristy says:

    that picture makes me so sad. those poor goats tied to the thop of the car. what must they be thinking? one poor think has its head hanging off the side. it reminds me of those awful chicken trucks you see driving down I81 with the live chickens hanging half way out of the cages.

  2. kristy says:

    whoops! should have checked my spelling before sending my comment!!

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