i’m sad

as i’m writing this post, a very special young girl is being laid to rest beside her father in pakistan. going to karachi this summer was neat because i got to be a part of farhan and roohi’s wedding, but even more so because i was able to break through cultural and linguistic differences and really connect with people. samana was someone i especially clicked with. she was so eager to practice her english and taught me more urdu than anyone else. she had just lost her father and we talked a lot about him. i would wake up from a nap and she would be sitting on my bed holding my teddy bear, waiting quietly and patiently to ask whatever new question had popped into her head.

samana taught me to say “i miss you very much” in urdu. i’m sure i’m spelling it wrong, but it sounds like “may nay tombhay bahat yadkia.” i was actually thinking about samana and this phrase this morning as i drove to work. it wasn’t until after i arrived at the office that i heard from farhan that samana had died of dengue fever. five people have died of dengue in karachi this month.

it’s just very bewildering when young people full of so much life suddenly die.

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