i sent an abbreviated version of the myers briggs test around to the other peeps on my team at work today. there are 5 of us. 3 are intj’s, 1 (mike) is entj and i’m enfj. this means that i’m an extrovert (really?), intuitive, feeling and judging (which does not mean judgemental).

here’s what the website said about me in relationships, and i realize i’m totally shooting myself in the foot by posting this… but might as well let peeps know what they’re in for. interestingly, my personality type is referred to as “teacher.” right on…

teachers bring all this infectious energy to their intimate relationships as well, and they make passionate and delightfully creative companions. however, at such close range the intensity of their wishes for their loved ones can create interpersonal conflict. teachers can overwhelm their loved ones with their exuberance, and with their pygmalion presumption that everyone wants to be helped along the path of self-discovery. then, when their loved ones either resist their pressure or fail to meet their idealistic expectations, teachers can feel frustrated, disillusioned, or even betrayed by the persons they care most about.

be afraid. be very afraid.

2 thoughts on “enfj

  1. Brian L says:

    I’m also an ENTJ. My friend Ron has a masters in psych and he knows this stuff like the back of his hand. Whenever I get serious about a woman, I have her take the test and get the low-down from Ron on what to look out for. He’s never been wrong.

  2. lauren says:

    how serious do you have to get first? hope that doesn’t scare katie off! big mike the hammer will be so pleased to be in good company.

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