trick or treat

i’m giving up on fixing red eyes. just pretend i was a possessed cheerleader and anna was rainbow bright with lazer beam eyes for halloween. other notable costumes were christy’s smurfette get up, complete with lots of blue paint, and blind-date-bob, who was blind.

trick: i went “mountain” biking this weekend at patapsco, which is surprisingly close to the city! if i had known you could drive just 15 minutes and be transported to trails with trees and streams, my first year in baltimore would have been much happier. it’s not quite virginia, but it’ll do. in any case, the real trick is that i have this painful bruise on my leg from falling off the bike sunday. it’s getting increasingly purply blue, but it’s totally worth it for a great afternoon outside and trying something new.

treat: i got a call from my boss-to-be in benin this morning! it came up as “unavailable number” and i couldn’t understand him at first, so i thought it was a telemarketer and said, “please remove me from your calling list.” i almost hung up, but then he said, “i’m calling from benin…” AH! we talked about what work i could be doing and i told him i’m practicing my french. he said they are all praying for me and so excited for me to join them. wow!

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