kid pets

i’m sure you’ve all received forwards of pets in halloween costumes. shoot, i’ve even sent such emails to my animal loving friends. i used to think only strange pet owners dressed up their cats or dogs, which is why i’ve found those emails odd and funny. but it’s not just the weirdos anymore. normal people dress up their pets too! i think this is because very few of us have kids. however, many of my friends have kid pets. here we have tex and indiana (kid pets of kim and scott) as darth vader and princess lea, and carolyn with her kid pet molly the pumpkin hound.

the neighborhood kids were out in full force last night. i think our candy was finished off in less than half an hour, but there were some cute costumes. minnie mouse was my favorite. and the girl that kept stepping on her mermaid tail. i salute all the teachers working with kids on sugar highs today.

2 thoughts on “kid pets

  1. Mollie says:

    Too many people have dogs named Molly. I don’t know how I feel about that. Sometimes my best friend calls me pumpkin – does that make me pumpkin Mollie, like the dog. I hate my life.

  2. e1st says:

    Mollie was a very popular name in the 1800s and it’s making a comeback.

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