camping in the cold

i must admit i felt a bit skeptical when we pulled up to the campsite at elk neck on saturday. this can’t really be camping? pitching a tent next to rv’s? so many people around? indoor bathrooms? but i didn’t really mind because i knew that time with brian, minnie, anna and bob was time well spent. boy, was that an understatement.

it turns out that camping at camp sites is cool. granted, it’s not at all packing in a few miles and escaping civilization. but campsites, i’ve discovered, serve their own unique purpose. one of the pro’s is the food. you can’t cook up burgers, brats, chicken, veggies and yams in the wilderness. YUM. another new favorite: smores with dark chocolate. mmm… and while it was a bit chilly, we crammed 5 people in a tent to form our own little igloo. combined with bob’s unending supply of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, we survived with no frost bite casualties.

lesson learned: campsite camping is to “real” camping as blue box kraft mac & cheese is to “real” mac and cheese… or garden burgers are to red meat burgers. while not a substitute, they are wonderful in their own right.

One thought on “camping in the cold

  1. Megan says:

    whats wrong with blue box kraft mac and cheese. it is the definition of mac and cheese.

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