i’m not really a political person. sure, i majored in politics and i work in politics, but i’m more pro-people than pro-party. as in government for the people and by the people: democracy. so i had a little party tuesday night to celebrate democracy, no party affiliations necessary. sadly, only about half my friends voted. not much to celebrate there (other than the yummy desserts). why is it that we take our right to vote for granted? and why do people who don’t vote then turn around and complain about the government? vote, people. please.

so my boss, governor ehrlich, was not re-elected. i was/am pretty bummed. i really think ehrlich has done a good job as gov, and it seems that people were voting against bush rather than voting against ehrlich or for baltimore mayor o’malley. others are free to disagree with me. it is government by the people and the people have sent a message to the government… and that’s important. i’m just sad my boss had to get caught up in it because he’s a good guy. in my opinion, o’malley has some big shoes to fill.

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