belated posts

i kept forgetting to bring my camera to work to upload pics (hence the recent lull in posts and dearth of graphics), but now i’ll bring you up to speed. last weekend i visited bob in chicago, where he is working for the month. we spent some time with his uncle and fam and their bird and salamander (also named bob) up in libertyville… which happens to be the home of the helanders, so i saw willard too. i think the highlight of the weekend was chatting with bob atop the john hancock building, 95 floors up.

work this week was fairly uneventful considering o’malley was inaugurated wednesday as the new governor of maryland. haven’t seen any pink slips yet. we did have a “slumber party” themed birthday celebration, which was really an excuse for me to wear slippers and bring lj (my teddy bear) to work… yes, the theme was my idea. note that crissy is wearing pj’s over her work clothes. we’re not that casual.

this weekend was packed with parties (christina’s birthday on friday, anna’s going away party on saturday, birthday party for adam, brian and nicole on saturday) but i only have this one pic to post. brian, me and adam looking oh so regal. but stay tuned for an upcoming **first ever** guest blogger on laurenlaughs. it’s history in the making.

2 thoughts on “belated posts

  1. Anonymous says:

    whats up with bob’s hair?

  2. lauren says:

    ha. i’d love to know who asked that… a) it’s long, b) it’s called bed-head, and c) there’s a plant behind him. oh, and d) i think he’s cute.

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