intergalactic sorry

there is a game we all grew up playing… sorry. and then there is intergalactic sorry. realizing intergalactic sorry can only be played on burnett street in b’more, i feel compelled to share with the world just what you are missing out on. the following rules have been submitted by guest blogger, erin.

Rules for Intergalactic Sorry (to be played only at 124 Burnett Street):
1. 7 may be split by 2 players to go forward or backward. Both players must go the same direction. If you draw a 7 and the only possible move you can make is to go backwards 7, you must do so.
2. Sorry: If you have no men left in start, you may take any man on the board and kill another person, sending them back to start. If this occurs, you must take the place of the person killed.
3. 11 may still be used to switch BUT if you have a player in start, you may switch with another player who is on the board and put them in your start.

Notes on Rules:
1. If confused by these rules, always ask Erin.
2. If a dispute occurs during the game in regards to the rules, refer to the ruling made by Erin.

example question:

Dear Intergalactic Erin,

Ok, ok, so like, what if everyone has all of their pieces in start, and me (say, red) draws an 11…can i switch one of my pieces in my start with one of blue’s pieces in start (blue is to my right), thus advancing me 3/4 of the way around the board?

-Confused in Catonsville


Yes, you may.

and now you know.

One thought on “intergalactic sorry

  1. lauren says:

    totally forgot to mention the sound effects. whenever you land on one of those “slide” things (must be your color, of course) allowing you to slide forward, you must make a noise. ask erin for a demonstration.

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