anna’s last night in town

did you ever listen to ben folds five? there’s this one song… “cuz everyone knows now that every night out will be stephen’s last night in town… ba ba ba ba” that i love to sing (especially if someone in the car is singing harmony with me). well, this week is a lot like that for anna, who leaves for australia on monday. saturday was her going away party, tuesday night we had our last girls’ night (where suzanne taught us how to make homemade fried ravioli, YUM), last night we had pie with carolyn and mom (after anna had a going away dinner with people from work), we have plans for sunday and monday, and i’m sure we’ll come come up with a few more events between now anna’s departure. i like it. girl time is paramount in my book, and it’s nice to have a boyfriend that understands that.

speaking of boyfriends, bob has been in chicago all month working with a patient on the *most technologically advanced prosthetic arm in the universe* and you can see a demonstration of his work by going to and checking out “chapter 5: building the bionic arm.” the clip aired on pbs 2 weeks ago. it’s awesome.

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