i was about to write up a post, when i got my church’s weekly newsletter in my email. it’s worth a read:

There is much study of Lincoln today and a dissecting of his personality and health but whatever the findings and conclusion Lincoln ’s place in history is secure. Great leaders like all people have flaws. Luther was quite possibly bi-polar and he certainly was, as most people in the 16th century were, anti-Semitic. St. Augustine was a womanizer. St. Peter had a temper. Winston Churchill if not an alcoholic was certainly alcohol dependent. All of which simply illustrates a truth: that all people have problems and issues and are sinners in need of grace. Great people are not exceptions and neither are we but we can still admire their greatness and celebrate their accomplishments.

What is amazing is how God raises up the most unlikely people such as the gangly country lawyer, Lincoln, to lead a great cause and to set people free. Some leaders rise to great historical events and others through lack of insight, courage or will fall beneath the burden and are judged failures.

i’ll write my own thoughts tomorrow… i think i need another day or two to process them anyway. happy b-day lincoln.

One thought on “plagiarizing

  1. Brian L says:

    Yeah, we all have our faults. Me, I like cookies too much. Dude, I am JUST like Lincoln.

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