4th annual w&c

this past friday marked the fourth (and perhaps final?) annual wine & cheese celebration. pictured are your lovely hostesses for the evening: anne marie, me and paige. gosh, i’m going to miss these ladies. and i hear the cheese in africa is not so tasty, but maybe i’ll luck out living in a former french colony.

peeps came from far and wide to attend what has become baltimore’s finest tradition. robin drove up from dc with her beau matthew… fellow johnies everett, peter (ever loyal blog reader) and camille (all pictured) drove up from annapolis. adam came from catonsville and megan walked from light street. plus 30-40 of our closest friends.

it was especially fun to have our various groups of friends mix. farhan commented that within my groups of friends, people already feel like they know one another even before meeting, either from my blog or just because i always talk to my friends about other friends as if they’ve already met. what can i say… my friends are my best asset.

One thought on “4th annual w&c

  1. Roohi says:

    yep thats true! I didn’t know most peeps but once I connected stories to faces….problemo solved.

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