first days in perth

after 43 hours of travel, i arrived safely (and sleepy) in perth. it was sooo nice to see anna’s smiling face at the airport. actually, it was a bit of a fiasco. jason (anna’s australian boyfriend) and i met up in san francisco, where he was working and i had a 10 hour layover. while at lunch he informed me that he was returning to perth with me (he was supposed to leave the following day) to surprise anna. we flew separately to sydney, met up again in the airport there, flew together to perth, and then he stayed back while i exited to find anna. we had a grand scheme of how to surprise her (we both figured she’d have some idea after not talking to him for 14 hours) but schemes are often foiled. anyway, she was *kinda* surprised. we had fun.

i took a nap and a shower once we got home, then we went out for a long walk. we passed this blue house (this is actually one of anna’s pictures) which is apparently photographed all the time. it sits out there all by itself… there is nothing else near it. so it’s kinda funny to see this random blue house just floating there. we also walked through the botanical gardens which anna has blogged about before. it was fun to actually see what i had already pictured in my head.

today we had a busy morning, starting with a delicious breakfast. reminds me of english food (serving tomatoes with breakfast, or baked beans) but much better. anna ordered these banana pancakes that looked sooo good. sitting atop the stack was what we thought to be a huge piece of banana and a strawberry. yum. but as anna cut into the “banana” and ate it, she quickly found it was actually a large slice of honey butter. bleh! honey butter is good, but not by itself… yick! very funny though.

we drove around all morning to different beaches and lookouts, walked a bit more, came home for lunch and a “nap” that turned into an all-out sleep for me. i’m actually a bit under the weather. think it might have been the guy blowing his nose every 2 minutes that sat next to me on the way to san fran. anyway, i plan to be 100% by tomorrow when we leave for the beach. we’ll be gone a few days. i’ll report back later.

for those back in the states, enjoy the long weekend. i’ve already got a day’s start on you… goodnight!

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