i’m in june first!

everyone at home is still in may, but i’m living it up in june. here are a series of stories and updates.

margaret river wine region:
anna, jason, simon and i went to yallingup in western australia’s wine region on sunday and stayed through tuesday. we had a lovely little apartment on the coast, in walking distance to the indian ocean, salmon fishing and wineries. during our time there, the boys enjoyed some surfing while anna and i caught up on 4 months of talking. we visited lots of wineries all the way from cape naturaliste (the most northern point) to cape leeuwin (the most southern point) where the indian and southern oceans converge. awesome. we also did a lot of singing in the car as well as at our apartment. we’re pretty much a traveling band. here are some pics.
me, anna and jason with the steve irwin (crocodile hunter) memorial fountain at laurance vineyard.
anna and me at cape leeuwin. one more ocean to check off the list.
i am now officially a tree hugger.
brekkie on our porch, watching the waves.

anna learns to drive:
anna and jason have rented a car while simon and i are visiting, so anna is taking advantage of the opportunity to bone up on her driving on the left side of the road (and the right side of the car). yesterday we decided to go to subiaco (a cute suberb close by with great shops and cafes). we walked up to the car, got in, and died laughing as we realized anna was sitting in the passenger seat and i was behind the wheel. oops. watch out perth peeps…
so much love!

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