indy is windy

i’m training with yfc this week in indiana at huntington university. it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. great place to learn as much info as possible in 10 days, though.
here’s a pic of leslie, me and megan. leslie is a new friend. she just graduated from uva and is headed to geneva, switzerland in august to do sports ministry with the international school there. she’ll basically be snow boarding 3 days a week with children of some of the most influential families in the world. fun? yes. but also extremely important, i think… this is probably part of what her boss josh would call “plotting goodness.” megan is the first person i ever talked to at yfc. she is the missionary recruiter and processor and works at yfc headquarters in denver. we totally hit it off back in september, so it’s great to have time with her this week. she’s also my roommate in the oh-so-lovely huntington dorms. bleh dorms. bleh dining hall. but YAY friends.

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