in love in oz

so i really did fall in love in australia. for one, the country and its people are absolutely lovely. so considerate. instead of signs saying, “keep off grass,” australians are more likely to put up signs saying, “please respect the grass.” and we call baltimore the charm city? some more pictures
here’s a pic of simon, jase, meg, anna and me after a night of merrymaking. meg is one of anna’s girlfriends from school. i’m glad anna has girlfriends, and meg is super cool.
here’s me and anna chillin’ out on a tree limb. the start of a crazy night.
here’s simon, me and jase at hungry jacks (aka burger king) later that same night. i was disgusted by the sandwich. i also developed a huge (secret) crush on simon, who not only lives in australia, but also has a girlfriend. i can say this because i know he won’t read my blog. don’t tell him!

One thought on “in love in oz

  1. Anonymous says:

    everybody already knows about your crush on simon. it’s old news. anna told me like, two weeks ago. sheesh!:-)love,susanne

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