pride is cool

the past couple nights i’ve gone out with some girlfriends to a little patio bar around the corner from where i’m dog sitting. a lovely beninoise woman just opened the place, and i think we may have been her first customers. i keep going back because i love the sense of pride she exudes. at one point she asked me to follow her to “regardez” look at something, she was so excited, and led me to the bathroom. i wasn’t sure what she meant at first, but then realized she was just glowing with pride at how nice and clean it was, and she wanted me to tell her so. so i gave her as many compliments on the bathroom (which really was nice and clean) as i could think of. each time i go to the bar, she gives me a “cadeau” or gift… last night it was an apple. i shouldn’t have eaten it, since the yovo are supposed to soak their fruits and veggies in bleach water before eating them (unless they’re cooked) to ward of parasites our bodies aren’t used to, but i ate it anyway. it was a cadeau! my stomach seems just fine so far…


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