just realized it’s the last day of november and i’ve posted nothing on phos… so i’ll share something i wrote in an email yesterday for the sake of time. and because it really has me thinking.

okay. i’m reading a book by jeanne guyon, written in the late 17th century, titled “experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ.” it was sent to me by two dear friends, ron and ruth, who provide pastoral care to yfc missionaries. they visited me in october, and sent this book upon their return to washington. when i was seemingly (and perhaps truly) in the depths of despair last week, r&r asked if i had read the book they sent. i immediately snatched it up, reaching for anything to touch my hardening heart.

it’s really a simple book. it’s meant to be especially useful to the uneducated and illiterate. i know, a book for the illiterate… but it could be read aloud. anyway, it’s short. but i’m reading slowly. really slowly. this morning i read about abandonment, and came across something i’m not totally comfortable with. it’s good to get uncomfortable… it’s how we grow…

here’s the passage: “remember, you must never blame man for anything. no matter what happens, it was neither man nor circumstances that brought it. you must accept everything (except, of course, your own sinfulness) as having come from your Lord.”


i mean, i’m all for abandonment, though it doesn’t come easily. something to be learned again every day. and boy, is it freeing! but to say that all things, even bad things, come from God? except my own sin… but what about another’s sin? what about when someone sins against me? of course God can use that, and has used that, and does use that… but to say that that too is from God? maybe i’m misunderstanding the passage.

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