the journey back

so… i took a bus back to benin saturday… but this wasn’t just any bus. their slogan: “it’s not a plane, it’s not a bus… it’s a coach.” i guess by “coach” they mean a 50-seater with air conditioning and a bathroom on board. and really, that is a pretty big deal. it’s a nigerian owned company, so everyone speaks english (or broken english, which they seem to call bitter english?)

anyway, the remarkable thing about this “coach” was not the amenities, but the preaching! yes, as soon as the bus left the parking lot in accra, a man stood up and started preaching and praying. “this bus company has never suffered a loss because we pray every morning before we travel. you need not fear for your life if you pray in the name of JEEEEESus. i tell you now, all things are possible in the name of JEEEEESus. if you want a car, if you want to travel, you should pray for it in the name of JEEEEESus.” this went on for about half an hour, and then the man took an offering. seriously. he took an offering on the bus. i noticed very few people paid him, though most were praying.

then, just to reinforce the message preached, we watched a 4 hour movie with the moral: Jesus trumps witches. i would tell you the whole plot, but it could take pages. just know it had all the necessary ingredients for nigerian film: a barren wife, a cheating husband, an untrustworthy house girl (accomplice in infidelity), a witch, a pastor, an unhappy mother-in-law. good times.

after the movie ended, they started playing tapes of “smack down”… like… the fake wresting. so bizarre! there ought to be a surcharge for entertainment. in the end, i did arrive safely to benin (of course i prayed for safe travels) and all is well. thanks be to God.


2 thoughts on “the journey back

  1. Susan says:

    Wow…well glad to know you didn’t have any border crossing issues. But with the whole bus praying, how could you go wrong. Freezing rain in the forecast today…I bet you are missing that! Not!

  2. A. Linda says:

    HA HA HA. Them Nigerian movies. The good news is: good always wins over evil at the end of the movie! But the plot is always twisted with some voodoo ingredient! Welcome to our world :-D.- Assaba

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