dirty handshake

there is a “secret” handshake in benin that gives me the creeps. if you shake a guy’s hand, and he moves his finger to your palm, it’s a proposition. to agree, you return the finger-to-palm gesture. to disagree, in my case, i play dumb. but really, it’s a slap-worthy offense.

i mention this only because i received the dirty handshake moments ago from a man i greet every week. and i’ll see him again on my way back home. brrrrr…. gives me the heeby jeebies. if you come to benin, beware the dirty handshake!


4 thoughts on “dirty handshake

  1. kristy says:

    that “dirty handshake” was a big thing when i was in junior high!

  2. A. Linda says:

    Ewww… :-/- Assaba

  3. Annie says:

    I'm googling this because an attorney i retained did that to me! I was bewildered, but tried to not show it. I can't believe it!

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