fried egg

do you remember that commercial from probably 15 years back where they’d show an egg and say, “this is your brain…” then they’d crack it into a frying pan, where the egg would begin to pop and sizzle… “this is your brain on drugs. any questions?” that was the commercial. short and, uh, sweet.

well, i’m not on drugs (except anti-malarials)… but this i-just-took-my-braids-out picture would suggest otherwise. pop and sizzle.


3 thoughts on “fried egg

  1. Susan says:

    How long did you leave the braids in? I was awaiting pics of you zipping around town on a zemi with your braids flapping in the wind!

  2. lauren says:

    i left ’em in about 24 hours. they start to hurt after a while! though they are quite bouncy on zemi rides, which did make me laugh to myself.

  3. A. Linda says:

    2 words: Lion King. HA HA HA- Assaba

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