lau for president!

that’s what my zemi driver said today…

see, i was trying to get to the peace corps office (which was closed for president’s day… like i’m going to remember federal government holidays while in benin? sheesh!) anyway, the conversation went something like this (but in french).

(following boring exchange of price haggling)…

me: you know, not all ‘yovos’ are rich.

zem: what about your president? he was here saturday. i love george bush.

me: you do?

zem: oh, yes. i love george bush. he is a good president.

me: well, he has done good things in africa (it’s true!), but that’s not the case for every country.

zem: what… terrorism? if a man comes into your house and hits you, you ought to hit him back!

(making hitting motions rather than keeping both hands on the handle bars, yikes!)

me: you know, this time next year we will have a new president. we have elections in november.

zem: yes. i know clinton is the democrat, obama is the senator and john is the republican.

(well, he’s almost right… i’m pretty impressed!)

me: if you could vote for the american president, who would you vote for?

zem: i would vote for you.

me: me? you would vote for me? i am not running.

zem: okay then i would vote for john. he is a republican. i want john to win because i love george bush.

who knew? zemi drivers are republicans! i wonder how many african taxi drivers in america would side with mr. zemi. people here really do love bush, but they also just love america. one beninoise friend of mine said, “i love bush because i love democracy. but i liked clinton too… he was jovial.”

lau’s presidential pole (of one) all the way from cotonou: john wins… but only because i’m not running!


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