you’ve got mail

i was greeted by a lovely couple of emails this morning… first from lara:

so this morning i heard my roommate laughing across the apartment. i asked her “what’s so funny”…she said that she was reading a blog about a girl in benin who was speaking politics with someone there.

and i was like “what’s the name of that website”…and she was like “lauren laughs” and i was like “i know lauren…we email…she is good friends with eric! how do you know her?”

and she was like “i don’t know…”

and then eric’s response:

i get more referrals from laurenlaughs than any other site. i think she’s a cultural icon.

thanks guys. still laughing out loud (much to the chagrin of my neighbor!)


4 thoughts on “you’ve got mail

  1. E1st says:

    I just checked and we actually both used capital letters.

  2. david santos says:

    Thanks for your posting, Laura!have a good week

  3. Lara says:

    That’s funny…I wondered if I actually typed an email with no caps…I sort of felt like a dork had I not.

  4. lauren says:

    i know… but this is a lower case blog. except for Jesus and stuff. i also took eric’s last name out. bloggers’ liberties?

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