weekend highlights

some of the less boring things i did this weekend (making vocab flash cards for gre not included).

1. welcomed abdu back to benin as a US citizen… yay abdu!! congrats on the citizenship!

2. made REALLY yummy BOX cake with store bought icing! the icing came from the US and i bought the box cake mix in ghana for $6. it was worth it. box cake in benin?!?! ooooh, delicious.

3. libations atop shannon’s roof terrace. the harmattan breezes (or however you spell it… the suuuper dusty winds off the sahara) have made a fierce come back. we’re not sure why, since we’ve entered the hot/humid season (like it’s not always hot here, ha!). anyway, it makes for a cool night on the roof.

4. pot luck. if there’s one thing missionaries do well, it’s pot luck. we do more than one thing well, though.

5. salsa dancing. two interesting conversations: first, i was asked to “star” in yet another music video… in which i’d be playing the french lover of a beninioise starving artist, haha; second, one of the guys (romeo) offered to tie me to his back (like you do to babies) using a pagne (african all-purpose fabric) in order to get me home safely on a moto. i turned down both offers. nice that my dance partners were concerned about my safety while traveling at night! romeo did give the zemi driver a stern talking-to before sending me on my way.


pictured is an example of how one ties a baby to ones back using a pagne… just because the visual associated with the above paragraph doesn’t work so well outside the cultural context of benin!


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