just another day in africa

yesterday was one of those days i wouldn’t trade for the world. the students are off this week, after taking end-of-term exams, so we had a party to celebrate. it was scheduled from 10am to 4pm, but we were still going strong past 6pm, and i didn’t mind one bit. i think it was the most i’ve ever “played” with the students here. back home, youth leaders play all the time… but here the emphasis is on prayer and teaching—it’s good, but it’s all so serious. so while we did talk about how knowledge puffs up, but love builds up (1 corinthians 8), we also did a whole lot of messing around.

we played lots of games. my contribution was musical chairs (easy enough for me to explain in french!) which was hilarious when you’ve got over 40 “kids” falling over each other in their party clothes.

we also had a bit of a talent show with lots of singing, dancing and even some play-acting. i got some great video, which i’ll upload the next time i have the opportunity to be online for several hours. dancing is a form of worship here, and i had fun boogie-ing for Jesus with the best of them—even if i can’t make my shoulders move like water.

pelagie and i left the party to swing by augustine’s house. augustine makes my clothes and i teach her sisters. it’s been ages since i’ve visited her compound, as it’s now far from my home. she had a new outfit ready for me (pelagie picked out the fabric and design, complete with ruffles!) augustine handed me the skirt. i took one look at it and said, “this won’t fit. i’ve gained too much weight.” she argued until she saw i couldn’t pull the skirt up over my hips… “it’s true!” her exclamation was somewhat victorious, as it’s always a good thing to put on weight in africa. but i explained, “i cannot find a husband like this. i will have to diet soon.” while that may sound dramatic to you, you have to understand that the only thing more important than being well fed is being married in this culture. so if i’m going to turn down food, marriage is the only excuse i’ve got (skye taught me that trick in tanzania!) i also snapped some good pics of the kids in the compound. you can see it all here.

days like these i say “i live in africa” with glowing eyes and a singing heart.


One thought on “just another day in africa

  1. I discovered your blog yesterday and am enjoying reading it. It is a refreshing change from much of what is available in the blog world.

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