snails pace social life

well i never thought the day would come when i was bored on nights and weekends… but it has. i am meeting lots of people and i have at least one social activity a week, but i’m spending even more time alone here than i did in benin. part of me knows i ought to enjoy the respite. in two months’ time i’ll be longing for the days when i could come home and do nothing but read. but when it’s almost every day? it gets old. my eyes hurt from reading. last night i thought i’d give myself a break by watching a movie… but i only have one… love actually… yeah… great movie to watch when you’re already feeling a bit lonely. yesterday, in a moment of weakness, i even agreed to babysit on a saturday night. this is serious.

ok. i will stop whining at start being proactive. i’m going to email my new acquaintances and make plans. right. now.


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