go cats!

sometimes my mom likes to remind me that i was a cheerleader by thrusting her finger up in the air and shouting, “go keeaaaatts!” because that’s how we used to say it in high school.

this is a different kind of cats. this is the city bus.

after my woe-is-me-i-have-no-social-life moment yesterday, i did indeed email some friends to see what was going on this weekend (the answer is EVERYone is leaving town), and someone tipped me off about an outdoor music venue downtown. so i pulled out my bus map and went downtown. easiest thing ever. even coming back in the dark and rain wasn’t a problem. i kept thinking, i’m on a reputable city bus with lots of people, and that’s got to be safer than riding on the back of a motorcycle with a stranger in benin, right? i am lovin’ me some public transportation.

not to mention… i met someone last night that likes both biodiesel AND salsa. i mean, what are the odds. thank you city bus, for expanding my social horizons.


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