identity: mine and God’s

hmm. 7 months without posting. maybe i should give “phos” up and stick to my journal. but just in case…

i did a little exercise this week, discerning both my identity and God’s. i basically answered two questions:

1. what have you learned about yourself as a result of your experience with God?
that i can withstand more than i think; that i’m extremely unique and unusual; that it’s better for me to rely on God than on myself or others; that i can be quiet, be alone and be slow–and enjoy it; that lessons are harder and hurt more when i’m stubborn; that i like the sunshine; that affirmation doesn’t satisfy me like God’s love does; that in any given moment, i have enough; that i don’t have all the answers–and that’s okay; that i’m easily distracted by relationships; that i struggle with pride; that my worth is not determined by others; that i’m amazingly complex and beautiful all at once–a mystery.

2. what do you know about God as a result of genuine encounter with yourself?
that God loves me and lavishes blessings on me; that God hears me and knows my needs better than i do; that God thinks i’m special; that God will patiently challenge me again and again till i learn God’s truths; that God is always present; that God loves me better than anyone; that God is sufficient; that i hear God best when i’m humble; that God is so much more interesting than i make God out to be; that God is not afraid to put me in danger; that God’s dreams are bigger than mine are; that God is everywhere–but in my stillness especially; that i’m relieved God doesn’t fit in a box; that nothing can shake God or take me from God; that God is big enough to cover all questions, hurts and losses; that God is freakin’ hilarious at times.

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