au naturale

i’ve been experimenting the past few weeks with deodorant. see, antiperspirants are bad for you. really bad. anything with aluminum is bad. this is an especially sensitive topic for peeps with close ties to alzheimer’s, which definitely applies to my family. i’ve disposed of all aluminum pots and pans in my possession, and the next move is from antiperspirants to deodorant. i mean, honestly, i tend perspire with an antiperspirant anyway. i’m okay with that. i’m over it.

i’m currently trying out dr. hauschka’s floral deodorant. it smells like roses. but i’m not sure i do. so a lot of effort goes into discreetly smelling myself (not that discreet if i’m blogging about it, of course). if you’re near me in the coming weeks, feel free to comment on my aura, if you catch my drift. i’d appreciate the feedback.


4 thoughts on “au naturale

  1. Dr. Hauschka’s stuff is supposed to be great, though pricey! Several months ago I tried a similar experiment, but I stuck with cheaper brands, and it didn’t go over too well. I couldn’t find anything that didn’t smell like a combination of Lysol, citronella, and, like, Febreze. I wouldn’t have minded sweating so much (keep in mind this was during the colder months, to boot!) if the scent were bearable.Keep us posted on the Dr. H stuff, though! I may decide to splurge for it.

  2. I’ve been using the new “clinical strength” stuff, but it probably has enough aluminum to make a coke can. I didn’t realize that was a bad thing. Guess I should research it, huh?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i thought you smelled very nice at breakfast this morning. no roses, no stink….just sweet lauren!

  4. lauren says:

    thanks, mom. i think the dr. h stuff is okay… though i def stink when i leave the gym (that's normal, right?)i remember using a deodorant by arm & hammer once. it was nice. i haven't found it yet, though. there's a nice one my old spice for men. and one of my guy friends recently introduced me to "axe" which ought to be strictly limited to middle school boys (though be wary of the label warning of increased sex appeal!) makes you wonder what ever happened to "teen spirit"… or better yet… what kids these days think nirvana is singing about in that classic tune.

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