time out

my readership has cut in half since i returned to the US… as have my posts… but i’m thinking i’ll take the month of august off blogging.

that being said, here’s one quick story that furst thought i ought to share.

i went to a wlu party last sunday (alumni function) and met lots of great peeps headed to lex to join the best student body in the world. i was often asked by other adults if this would be my freshman year as well, which made me feel better about my 28th bday last week.

anyway, i barely met this one guy, but he was kind enough to give me his calling card when we parted ways. no, i don’t mean business card. i mean he handed me a card with his name and number, likely on crane’s cotton paper… very nice. i looked at him and said, “seriously?” my friend lat said the same to me in the car when i said, “i’m intrigued. i think i’ll have to call this calling card guy.” “seriously?”

so i did. i called him wednesday and asked him questions like, “would you say you’re an eccentric person?” still, i was intrigued, so i accepted his invitation to a theme party this weekend… maybe…

i’m curious if this calling card concept yields greater returns than business cards. i did google the guy before calling (i’m not stupid) and he’s an investment banker with a major bank. they’re a dime a dozen here. so maybe the calling card is where it’s at?

One thought on “time out

  1. At least post how the meeting with the calling card dude went before taking your sabbatical. BTW, rumor has it that the “best student body in the world” is actually at Furman University. That’s what I heard, anyway…

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