i love my church

this isn’t a new phrase. i’ve been saying it since i moved here, but friends in baltimore know i used to say it there too. what can i say. i’m a church lady.

but really, my church is amazing. last sunday was parish day, when we celebrated the beginning of the church program year. we had blue grass, fried chicken, games, face painting, and of course… a climbing wall.
seriously? yes. and if that’s not cool enough, the wall was donated in thanksgiving of… me. i mean, some people get altar flowers donated in their honor, but what says “we’re glad you’re here” like a rock climbing wall? pretty much nothing. my church is awesome.

i found myself thinking the same this morning, as trumpets heralded the start of the worship service, a string quartet played during eucharist (the music just about made me cry), john preached a great and thoughtful sermon, and everywhere there is a sense of “we are so glad you’re here…” whether you’re a kid or an old man or a youth minister. and the altar flowers smelled nice too. i love it.

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