picture perfect

a few words about posting pictures on eharmony.

first off, you probably don’t want to post a picture of you hanging all over a girl (if you’re a guy)… and you certainly shouldn’t post a series of pictures of you with the same girl over and over. no one wants to see how hot (or not) your ex was.

if you do post a picture of you with a girl, there’s no need to add the caption “i’m on the left” if you’re standing on the left. chances are, we can figure that out… one would hope.

shirtless pics (for guys) are a little risky. they appear especially stupid if it’s clear that you’re taking a picture of yourself… shirtless. really?

beware of cheesy captions. “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” “i’m too sexy for my shirt,” or “i love kids!” to name a few.

if that really is who you are, then keep it up. i’m all for authenticity. some girl (not me) will totally dig it.

that said, i probably ought to post the lone picture posted on my profile. i’m sure it’s worthy of critique as well. it’s not on this computer though. i’ll just tell you, it’s a semi-profile pic, my hair thrown up in a mess, no make-up, and a couple of discreet elephants in the background. it’s how i normally look, minus the elephants… which i really posted to see if anyone would notice the context of the picture in the first place.

here is said picture…

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5 thoughts on “picture perfect

  1. john says:

    haha, thanks for blogging about this! and that pic is awesome — it looks like you were saying, “nono, wait — take one of my good side…” right before it was snapped.got a question: what happens when you’re matched with someone you know? and that person knows it too? isn’t that crazy awk? (as you can see i am way too immature for eharmony. i’m also convinced e-harmony would reject me and i’m too afraid of rejection to try).

  2. lauren says:

    yeah, my good side with zits. right.never been matched with a friend, or heard of it happening… but you can bet that i’ll write about it if it does indeed occur! and eharmony could not contain you, j. “how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?” haha.

  3. E1st says:

    I was matched with a girl who was dating a friend of mine. Fun stuff.So it sounds like you got tired of the uber-Christian guys and added “douchebag” to your list of key attributes?

  4. lauren says:

    i’m beginning to wonder if that’s a pre-requisite to be on eharmony. maybe that’s why they turned you away the second time?

  5. I think the pic is just fine. It looks real, and that ultimately is a most desirable trait.As for being matched with a friend, I’ve had it happen. We just played it out for fun (and it was).

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