b’more & buffalo

okay here it is… the weekend roadtrip synopsis.

it started in baltimore, where i landed just in time for a lovely dinner with christina and andy (soon to be married) at pazo. sadly, christina’s car broke down, so i had to leave them to wait for the tow truck while my friend john picked me up and took me to the ole’ neighborhood standby, ropewalk.

From 2008 Fall

if you don’t know it already, ropewalk is a “republican bar” which really just means that the owners are republicanists and they aren’t afraid to show it. doesn’t really describe the clientele, though. anywhoo… a picture with the gipper is a must. lots of great friends came out to catch up (laurel and david came up from dc!) and that was awesome.

mike and i hit the road early saturday, bound for buffalo. we arrived just as mollie’s plane from denver landed, so we picked her up and drove to canada (yes, we all had our passports) in time to see niagra at sunset.

From 2008 Fall

we did get lost on the way. we accidentally drove north of niagra, but didn’t realize it until we were crossing the (wrong) bridge into canada. there was no way to turn around, so we just waited in line. the security was so chill (and cute!! mollie and i wanted to steal the guard and take him with us!!). he laughed once he figured out we were lost (such a cute laugh it was, too) and pointed us in the right direction. the drive was beautiful! all the changing leaves and rolling hills, ahhh. finally we made it to niagra falls.

From 2008 Fall

one thing about canadians… they love their snails. snails have the right of way!

we drove back to buffalo for a little party at the “love shack” (the bride’s maiden name is love… it’s cute) where we caught up with lots of friends that i hadn’t seen in months. awesome.

sunday we stopped by the anchor bar, birthplace of buffalo wings, for some yummy finger lickin’ food.

From 2008 Fall

this came at the recommendation of susan and others, and i have to say, it is a must when in buffalo. my mouth is watering now just thinking about it!

finally, the big occasion was upon us… the start of adam and bethany’s marriage. i have to say, this was one of the neatest weddings i’ve ever witnessed, even before it started. their invitations were thoughtful, true, and humble. no response cards were used, saving lots of paper and expense. over and over again, throughout the engagement, wedding and reception, adam and bethany continually pointed to Christ in their relationship.

From 2008 Fall

it was (and is) beautiful.

then dancing ensued…

From 2008 Fall

and the shenanigans began.

eric, the best man, did an awesome toast. our table was literally reeling with laughter, though some of it might have gone over the general public’s collective heads.

From 2008 Fall

i have since learned that you can look at best man speeches on youtube… this is apparently how the modern best man gets all his toast material. very unoriginal, and yet hugely successful! i imagine eric was the only one to quote both emily post and amy vanderbilt, though, paragon of etiquette that he is.

monday we made our way back to baltimore, so excited to stop at sheetz, the best gas station in the world, along the way.

From 2008 Fall

where else can you order a side of mac & chili? yum. erin and i had lots of girlie talk and catch up time in the car, which was awesome.

we came home to keegan!

From 2008 Fall

the best little nephew in the world.

christina joined us all for dinner and then she and i went back to her place for hours of uber productive wedding planning (she’s the bride, i’m the maid of honor) and just good ole’ sister time.

it was, by far, the best weekend ever. and there you have it.

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2 thoughts on “b’more & buffalo

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for the update and photos! Glad you made it to the Anchor Bar…can’t wait till I can eat Blue cheese again. Wings are at the top of my list. No self respecting Buffaloian would ever eat wings with Ranch! 2 weeks to go!

  2. lauren says:

    TWO WEEKS!!!! baby doesn’t like blue cheese? c’mon!

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